The 12-35 mm for landscape.

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Re: *Sigh* I get so bored.....

Bob Tullis wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

at the constant questioning about the value of this lens ( and this is not directed at the OP by the way ).

If you want 12mm at the wide end and a constant F2.8 aperture zoom then it's the only game in town. If you don't need the 12mm or the faster aperture then get the Panasonic 14-45mm and be happy with it, it's close enough.

On the question of the value of the 12-35mm, if you use it a lot it's worth every penny, if you don't then it's not, just like any other lens.

On the question of image quality, it's sharp at all apertures and all focal lengths until diffraction becomes apparent. If you use it on an Oly any CA is easily removed by Lightroom or similar. It's also sharp across the frame.

It's weathersealed and very well made and it has a slight purple sheen to it. That's it, that's all you need to know, no questions, no more arguments, it does exactly what it says on the tin.....

Can people just please get over it, it's a lens not a solution to the global banking crisis......

sigala1 clearly doesn't want to see what some see in this lens, though it haunts him. Don't sweat it. [g]

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...Bob, NYC
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I wouldn't mind Bob but this review has been out for ages and the widget pretty much shows exactly how my lens performs, what is not to like?

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