Why I'm wondering to switch to Canon after my experience with D600 + 24-70mm

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The grass isn't any greener...

wint wrote:

I was reading this huge thread about switching to Canon:


I am relatively new to the Nikon but I had some unpleasant experiences that are making me think about trying Canon. I'll list:

1) The issue of oil / dust on the sensor. It's pretty clear to anyone who bought the D600 that will have to live with it forever. I do not want a camera that requires much maintenance.

If dust/oil is of concern, Canon is no better. So bad, in fact, Canon has issued service warnings for some of their cameras, but no fix is available:




Worst oil I've ever seen on ANY camera:


And those took me 30 seconds to find. There are many others. EVERY camera will accumulate some dust/oil, you just didn't hear about it before because the tin-foil hat wearing testers didn't go around shooting white walls at F22 and then pumping the exposure until they saw flaws.

Oh, and I have 2 D600's without the issue, as do MANY other people, so obviously we won't be living with any problems "forever", as they don't exist.  It most certainly does not apply to "anyone" who bought a D600.

2) I had problems with SD card slot 2 on my D600. It just was not recognizing the card until I played with a key there and somehow allow the contact.

Could have been your memory card. I've never seen a card slot fail in any camera, regardless of brand - it would be extremely rare if yours did.

3) I bought a used 24-70mm. I know that was a mistake. But served to find out how many problems has this essential Nikkor lens: Zoom ring rubber loosing , "stiff" zoom and I'm still discovering more.

Your mistake for buying a used lens. Why would you even list this as a reason? Who knows what happened to that lens before you bought it.

4) There are a lot of people that complain abot the colors Nikon cameras produces. I always thought the colors from Canon are more vivid, but I thought it was my mind. But recently I saw a lot of people drawing attention to it. So it's not just me.

Nikon has significantly more color depth than Canon. This is definitely not an issue, and you can tune it precisely to your liking with custom camera profiles or in post processing.

It is clear to me that Nikon has a serious problem with the QC.
If it is clear to me that the 5D markIII gives me better IQ, AF, Colors, HIGH ISO, Radio Flashes etc, today for $ 800 more, I think, for FF beginners like me it is worth investing in Canon.

Well, you're just dead wrong there, I'm sorry. If you truly believe that, don't let the door hit you on the way out. And there is not a single source that supports the 5DM3 having better high ISO.

My advice to you is to slow down, and learn how to use the camera you have before making any quick decisions, but do whatever you want.

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