3:2 and 4:3 equivalent how?

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Re: 3:2 and 4:3 equivalent how ?

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GH2 RW2 4:3 AR RAW image-file meta-data reports "Sensor Width" = 4760 and "Sensor Height" = 3472 (considerably wider in pixel-width, representing an extra 3.3%), which DxO Optics Pro is able to access (more similar to what you display with your Capture One).

In the GH2 at 4:3 the true RAW image width is 4648. There then follows 112 columns of non-image data to make up the "Sensor Width". I have no idea what this data is used for. I suspect it did not come off the sensor.

Well, think it's difficult to tell what the "true RAW image width" is with the GH2, since it has an 'oversized' multi-aspect ratio sensor. When shooting 16:9 images the width is at least 4976 pixels, and think it's most likely that the camera always 'records' the data from the whole sensor area, and then crop the RAW image to the chosen aspect ratio afterwards.

I will re-phrase my words. In the GH2 at 4:3 there are 4648 columns of image data in the RAW file. For the 16:9 aspect, there are 5040 columns of image data in the RAW file, (followed by 168 columns of mystery data). So I am sure that the GH2 sensor is at least 5040 pixels wide.

I have no way of knowing what the camera does internally. If the columns can be addressed individually, I would hope the camera does not waste time collecting data it is not going to use.

Following my discoveries documented here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50759446 I need to correct what I said above. In the GH2 at 4:3 there are 4624 columns of meaningful image data. (Followed by image data which may/may not be useful). For the 16:9 aspect there are only 4992 columns of meaningful image data. Hence I have to revise down the GH2 sensor width to be at least 4992 pixels.

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