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Re: Rules vs. insights

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I remember a teacher I had in life drawing. He taught us the basics, proportions, foreshortening, etc. I remember drawing a skull everyday for it seemed months. Then all of a sudden he stopped. Brought in live models, and never criticized anyone's work as before. He would always ask "does this look good to you?" or something similar. This was the hardest class I ever had..since we had to try to develop our own direction...and it was almost like being a fish in the ocean, and trying to find out where we were going. He would always answer our questions with other questions. Although at the time I, nor most never realized it...I think it was the best class I ever had. Been a long while ago, but still think of it always. Freedom, once a certain level is attained is a very difficult thing to deal with...it asks basic, and very difficult questions about one's self...aims and resources...and intent.

Just for what it's worth...

It's a good approach but it requires a lot of time.

I think that LL was after a three pronged, simple structure, that people can easily commit to memory.

The Triangle of Exposure is another one. You'd be surprised how many don't know the basics. And yet I am sure they'd want to increase the number of keepers.

It is quite a different attitude, to be shooting after work one's family, and do Art research. Some I suspect have blind trusts behind them.

I am always reminded of Francesca Woodman, an outstanding teen photographer in the 1970s, who committed suicide, after she realized that the only job available to her in NY was Fashion, and Commercial photography.

We tend to believe that we discuss the same activity, but often it is a misunderstanding.

For some it's a way of life, for others just a pastime. So one can look at the same camera with v. different eyes.


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