P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

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Re: P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

Isola Verde wrote:

I'm still trying to understand why there's so little difference between the exposure of photos 3 and 4 ?
That said, the best use of a CP is with sunshine - and you've pushed me into taking this pair of pairs.
Both taken with the P310 fixed, pointing more or less 90 degrees away from late PM sun, shot seconds apart in Aperture priority, fixed ISO etc.... but I realised afterwards that the first two were with digital zoom, hence the second pair.
Looks to me as though the Matrix metering is reacting to the filter?
The album goes without, with, without, with ...


(First nice day here for ages!)
In both pairs, the "without" shot is much like many others from this camera - rather disappointing before PP'ing... whereas I quite like those that were taken "with" it!

But the difference, right into areas of deep shade, can't be entirely down to the filter?


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Peter - on the green island of Ischia

Excellent, Peter. That is a proper and meaningful demo of what the filters can do. Nice photos really make it easier and certainly more fun!

WHERE is that?


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