AF-ON with AFS

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Re: AF-ON with AFS
Choose what you want... AF-C or AF-S. Set the menu to AF-ON Only. You set Focus Priority so that when you press the AF-ON button a subsequent press of the shutter button will not trip the shutter unless you have achieved focus lock. You do not have to press them "at the same time". However, the AF-ON button has to remain pressed the whole time. If you do not have the AF-ON button pressed then pressing the shutter button will release the shutter no matter whether the subject under the AF point is in focus or not.

Taking your finger off the AF-ON button does not revert the camera to AF-C, it reverts it to "release priority".

Mike: Nice clarification. I was unaware of this behavior. I use AF-ON only and there are times when I want focus priority functionality. I prefer the old (pre-D800/D600) behavior, but I can live with this. Thanks.

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