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BobT wrote:

If ever there were conflicting feelings about this camera, this is it. (However, much is the norm in these forums.) I read a positive comment, and think I should get it. Then a resounding negative, and think this is the worst camera on the market. One thing does stay fairly consistent though. And that is, the 20-50mm kit lens is pretty good.

Though "dazed and confused", I do appreciate all comments.

You might want to read this older review of the NX100.  I found it helpful at the time I bought mine.  Make sure to read the very bottom section about using RAW to get the best results.


My preferred mode of use with the NX100 is with either of my pancake lenses (16mm & 30mm). The 20-50mm kit zoom is okay, but I prefer to have plenty of light with it or use the small flash (SEF-20A) if possible.  I will set the max ISO to 400 most of the time.

We are traveling this time of the year (snow birds), so I will be using the NX100 today.  Not really much to shoot in mid-winter right now, but there might be something.  The NX100 will fit in the same bag I use to carry my G11, as long as I have a pancake lens on it.  The 20-50mm lens would require me to use a larger bag designed for something like a micro 4/3rds camera.


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