AF-ON with AFS

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Re: AF-ON with AFS

Martin Grecner wrote:

rubank wrote:

amobi wrote:

rubank wrote:

You´re totally wrong.

Set the cam to AF-S, AF-ON and focus priority. Focus on whatever, while holding the AF-ON button move the cam to something OOF, and the cam happily releases.

This is not the way it is supposed to work. RTFM.

Why would you expect it to work any other way.

Because that is the way earlier models work (not firing unless in focus),
and the wording in the manual is the same as for earlier models; so of course I expect it to work like before.

Trap focus is no longer supported. It does focus/recompose/shoot instead.

It always did; it´s called shutter priority...

Tell me, what´s the point of focus priority if it works the same as shutter priority (with the little difference of a few milliseconds, that are not even "detectable" if you use AF-ON since you focus before triggering anyway).

I don´t know what your manual says, but mine (swedish) says that the camera won´t fire unless in focus, exactly the same my D300 manual says. But the cams work very diffferently.

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