Best mirrorless kit for 1k

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Re: Best mirrorless kit for 1k

Kokeen4231 wrote:

Is astro photography going to be a main shooting criteria? If yes then that means a different story. As suggested earlier, you should ask in the astro photog forum. Equipment needed like scopes and mounts might be required so the camera should be compatible. Other than that, the options you chosed are fined.

The nex 6 is criticised for bad ergonomics. However you said you dont mind flipping through menus so maybe you would not mind the nex 6. Its viewfinder is better then the others too.

The OMD has weather sealing and much better grip than nex 6. The OMD is also in the micro 4/3 category where there are much more lenses. Having more lenses gives you the advantage of a wider selection of lenses. So whether you only have 2 or 3 lenses, a wider selection might be better. Plus, if more people use that system, you might get to share lenses with friends who use M 4/3 too.

I cant talk much about the panasonic as I am not that familiar with it as the other 2. What I know is that it is pretty video oriented.

The sony has good video too. And with your budget, I would reccomend starting with the sony nex 6 with kit lens.

Where can you get an OMD for under $1k though?

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