Sigma launches new ART versions of their 30mm and 19mm f2.8 and new 60mm f2.8 lenses

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Re: Sigma launches new ART versions of their 30mm and 19mm f2.8 and new 60mm f2.8 lenses

A couple of points:

DOF with a 60mm lens at f2.8 at a nominal six foot distance (a nice portrait shot, not unlike a typical 85mm FF) is about seven inches ... just about perfectly deep enough for a face.  Open up to 1.8 on a 50mm lens, move in a foot to get the same framing and suddenly your DOF slips to under four inches -- suddenly the tip of the nose is out of focus ...
OSS comes at a price.  If it is done 'perfectly', you still pay a price in compromised optical path on most shots, unless you turn it off (which you should by default, IMHO, unless shooting video) -- so often you are buying OSS for real money, and then either compromising your photos when you use it, or not using it ... just sayin'.
Anyway, I'm not going to be quick to dismiss the new lenses, I'll try them first.  A sharp, crisp 60mm with smooth manual focus would be a real addition.  For those times when I really want to play with razor thin DOF, I can mount any of many legacy 50mm f1.4 (or even the very nice Hexanon 57mm f1.4) and get that effect ... but in practice, for portraiture, DOF under six or seven inches is not as useful as it might seem when you're dreaming of a new lens.

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