7D2 - not coming soon? - Anyone translate Japanese Canon interview

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Why not buy a used or refurb 7D to save some money in the short term?  Consider it a temporary immediate upgrade, and then you can evaluate the 7DII when/if it arrives.

I own a 7D and need/want an upgrade, but I'm considering buying a used 1DIV for the time being until the 7DII shows up.  At that point, I can either keep the 1D or move to the MkII.


scuba_steve_va wrote:

Well, I for one am pretty disappointed that they are not releasing at CP+...so I am going to vent. Skip to the next post if you love your 7D and think Canon should never replace it.

I have a 40D that I use fairly regularly for indoor college sports...and sorely need an upgrade. It is starting to fail and I am also craving better low-light performance. That said, I don't make a living doing this...and so cost is a concern. Dropping $1100 on a 3.5 year-old 7D design/sensor/iso is just not compelling to me. I want a measurable increase in low light performance without giving up an ability to grab fast-moving action....so I am not considering the 7D.

I had high hopes for the 6D, but recent reviews have convinced me that it is not the body for fast moving action. Thus, that means I either wait for an eventual 7D Mk2 or consider buying an even more expensive Canon FF body.

Unfortunately, a delayed 7D and a corresponding decision to go FF has a two-fold downside for me:

  1. One of my two most commonly used lenses is the excellent Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS USM. If I go FF, I need to sell it and replace with an equivalent constant f2.8 IS. Yeah, that will cost more than a 7D.
  2. My other most commonly used lens is the EF 70-200 f2.8 IS II...and if I go FF, I will lose a lot of reach.

And once I start selling lenses as part of my body upgrade, my marriage to Canon is no longer certain. Glass holds me to Canon, and the need to part with the best of that glass opens up Nikon as an option, which I never thought that I would even consider.

Seriously Canon, the 7D is 3.5 years old. What do you expect APS-C buyers to do? Wait forever?

Very disappointed.

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