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Re: G15 fine... superfine, again!

MarkyM wrote:

shuttervelocity wrote:

Yesterday i took a couple of shots right after sunset when the sky was still blue. I took one in P mode (with super fine) and one in Auto mode. When I came home, I viewed them at 100% and saw one picture had more noise in the sky and the other picture did not have as much noise. I told myself, the one without much noise must be the super fine because its obviously shot in super fine. It turns out, the one without much noise was the Fine mode and the one with noise was the super-fine.

I realized it when I saw the file sizes. So, if you go super-fine, be ready to mess with some noise removal. And noise removal = loss of detail which is probably equal to fine mode anyways. LOL

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Are you sure both shots were at the same ISO?

Yes. All parameters (except fine/superfine) are the same.

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