Thom's take on the OM-D EM-5

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Re: Thom's take on the OM-D EM-5

Anders W wrote:

rocklobster wrote:

The complaint about the menu system is a moot point and like any camera its just a matter of getting used to it and then it becomes second nature.

Completely agree. I see nothing seriously wrong with the logic of the menu system although, as always, it is possible to find some minor quirks here and there. In general, however, it's simply the case that the camera has a large number of features and a very high degree of customizability, and it will take some time and effort to digest it all. Some might find that a bit overwhelming or confusing. But one would be hard pressed to describe the many options as a flaw, especially since most things work well out of the box until you find the time to take a closer look at this or that.

On image quality of JPEGs, Olympus does sparpen too much and use noise reduction too heavily but for most users this can be corrected by turning down the sharpening and noise reduction in the (complex?) menu system, but, if you are really worried follow Thom and just process in RAW.

My personaly gripe - although I love the retro SLR styling I would rather dispense with the 'prism' bulge and just make it a little more compact.


I could never understand why people complained about the oly system. It has a very straight forward and logics setting that is probably the best way of showing the vast number of customizations available. And at least it's set the same way across almost all oly cameras, pens, omds, dslrs and even the compacts - xz1 at least.

Once you get one you get all of them.

Not so to say the least for canon or Sony?

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