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Re: Please Post Comparative Sample Images......"3D vs. Flat"

jimr wrote:


JhvaElohimMeth wrote:

I think the main reason that will bring me to buy rx100 is the 3d feel of its images.

Here is a case of the eye of the beholder....

The RX 100 is a wonderful camera, but I do not see anything 3D vs. flat that you see...

Nothing at all...

Something I don't see in Canon G1X or Fuji X10. And the first samples of X20, according to me, show the same "flatness".

Handling is surely better on Fuji's. But for me the best IQ is the first thing to value.

Max aperture on RX100 is a little disappointing on tele, I know, but Sony decided to squeeze a versatile zoom in a pocket sized camera. And that's nice.

If someone want a bigger compact camera, according to me, should wait for Canon G2 X. It sould be as pricey as Fuji X20 but with an almost aps-c sensor. I see a huge difference between X10 IQ and G1 X IQ... The camera size instead, isn't that big...

In fact I'm talking about ME and just MYSELF. I mustn't post anything comparative. I just saw tons of pictures made by different people (pro's and common pepole) and I saw some constants in the shots of each camera.

In my opinion, RX100 give a feel similar to larger format camera (aps-c). Especially about color rendering. Just look to long exposure night shots. Only G1 X could render good midtones like RX100 (however I prefer RX100 general "tact"). All the shots I saw by X10 in daylight, or when there are colours to render correctly, (warm and cold colours in the same image for example), RX100 did a good job, X10 (and in the first samples of X20 it seems to be the same) not that much. X10 is closer to oly XZ-1/2 LX5/7. Is a slightly better but still a little behind RX100. So I'm not talking at all about pixel peeping.

For me, the tact of this two shots is similar to what you can have from an Oly XZ-2. Nothing more.




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