Help please: 75/1.8 instead of 35-100?

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Re: Help please: 75/1.8 instead of 35-100?


Please don't misunderstand. I too am considering the 35-100. I do have the 75mm and the 4/3 50-200mm sad.

I am just relating my experience that, you'll love the 75mm indoors for giving that lovely and buttery bokeh and just the right amount of dog. I have used mine for stage productions and it's really great.

I just had direct experience using this lens with a 2x to 8x nd filter and somehow, still got images with CA and softness akin to overexposure. I was using the nd closer to 8x than 2x, and was hoping to get the thin dof. Hence my previous post. Of course, this is one instance and only one where you can't get the benefit the large aperture would give you on the m43 system, and it shouldn't be enough to sway you from the 75mm. Before getting it, I was strongly considering waiting for the 35-100, but once I held and tried the 75mm, I just out down my credit card. That 35-100 will have to wait - or maybe oly will do me a favour and enable full function of that 50-200 I have on the em-5 or new pro camera that is rumoured.

Happy buying and shooting wherever you are.

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