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Re: Raw to Android and through Dropbox to PC

Chris Noble wrote:

Rambalac wrote:

You can use WiFi to transfer RAW

If you can setup SAMBA on mobile (Android or jailbreaked iDevice) you can use it as PC. So you can send RAW to mobile device

I have Dropbox on my Android phone, Windows laptop and home PC. All of the files in the Dropboxes are synchronized in the background. So presumably, I could send Raw files from my camera to the cellphone on my hip, and the images would all be on my laptop and home computer a few seconds later. That sounds useful for photojournalists.


Unless a journalist had a MASSIVE and FREE expenses account, I doubt it would be a good idea to sync the Dropbox with the one on the home computer as no doubt (I guess) the data alowance from the journalists mobile data provider will be killed in just a few minutes (after which one would have to pay, at least in the United Kingdom, some extortionate fees for additional data e.g. £15 per MegaByte)

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