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Re: raw to iPhone & Android

Rambalac wrote:

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Rambalac wrote:

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MPA1 wrote:

You can use WiFi to transfer RAW

How long does it take to transfer a RAW image?

10-15 seconds

Is that to computer or Android/iPhone?

For that matter does the Panny Android/iPhone App even allow raw file transfer (I was under the impression that it doesn't)?

Thanks in advance.

I did not notice any mobile mentioned, I was talking about PC.

Sorry to be a pain, but can you please run me through the sequence/workflow with the Panny WiFi transfer to a computer.

Are files just been sent to a folder of your choice?

Or is there a Panny app that handles the transferred images i.e. an app that has to be running and then it shows a preview of the images as they are transferred to the computer?

Can images be sent automatically to a particular network when you are in range of the network, or must the images be transferred on demand?

etc etc

Thanks in advance.

For PC camera sends them just to Shared folder in Windows (Or you need SAMBA server on your Linux). Once you created connection you can use it quickly without entering password and etc, but you cannot change folder. Only way to change folder is to create new connection, PC login password is remembered somehow globally so you dont need to reenter it.

There are two connection modes.

The first is selective send. You select connection, change if needed format (RAW, JPG or both, size in case of JPG), and then select images to send.

The second is sending on shot. You select connection and sending format, any photos you make after that will be sent automatically.
Camera will work smoothly while sending. You get special icon with numer of images left to send. If connection interrupts, left images will not be resent, you should do it manually.
But you cannot setup it with auto-connection. Every time you have to initiate connection manually.

If you can setup SAMBA on mobile (Android or jailbreaked iDevice) you can use it as PC. So you can send RAW to mobile device

That seems all very very good except for the fact that the software/firmware isn't programmed to send the remaining files if the WiFi connection is interrupted (that was the main criticism of the Canon WiFi until recently). It would also be nice if they allowed you to send raw files to your Android or iPhone device as it would make an excellent instant backup facility.

Hopefully, these two issues will be addressed in a firmware update.

Thanks VERY much for your help in answering my questions.

Warm regards,


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