LightRoom, Hightlights in Process 2012 vs Process 2010

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Re: LightRoom, Hightlights in Process 2012 vs Process 2010

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Was hoping someone could kindly explain why the highlights come out differently in Process 2012 vs Process 2010 of LightRoom.. Process 2012 seems to reduce the highlights than the in camera capture, see sample below..

I shot the image with the objective of having a pure white surrounding which is achieved in the first picture below (Process 2010).. At the time of capture I verify this by checking the highlights on the camera LCD which matches Process 2010..

The two images below are pretty much out of camera except for some minor brush adjustments to better separate the subjects belly and blouse..

Were there two images out of the camera or one image treated with both the 2010 process with the 2012 process.

thanks for taking the time.. It was only ONE image out of the camera.. one viewed in Process 2010 and the second viewed in 2012..


If it was the latter, then I guess the 2012 process is able to discriminate some detail or slight change in the apparent white back ground that is invisible to the eye (and invisible to process 2010). If this be the case then I find it unsurprising.

If it was the former, then the second photo may be ever so slightly different in lighting or exposure to the first.

Some more detail in the process used would be helpful in attempting to guess at the cause.




Process 2010

Process 2012

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