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Re: Natalie

Daniel Lauring wrote:

1. I like it. 50mm can work this close with an angled view and especially with flatter features, like a child has. You have enough crop that DOF isn't an issue, so I agree that a little more DOF, getting the other eye in focus, would be a big improvement

Thank you, Daniel. I will experiment with this one.


2. Harsh sun is killing you on this shot and I agree on the closer crop. If you can't get out of the sun, use a fill flash, or a makeshift reflector

I just got a reflector, but I'm still learning with it. Do you think I should use the gold side to warm it up? Should I also move into a more shaded area?


3. Looks like The Walking Dead. The combination of dark shadows, scratches on her face, expression...

She would probably like this comment as she loves the show! In all seriousness though, what could I do to better this one? Everythin you mention, shadows, expression, and that's actually mud on her face, is what I really loved about the photo in the first place. It was really hard for me to get a good one in this area. It was in a heavily wooded creek with hardly any sunlight. This was the only area with some sun. Should I have stayed in the shade and used a reflector?

THanks again for your comments, Daniel. Any other advice you could give would really help out!

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