Nex 5R No Longer Connects to PC via wi-fi

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Re: Nex 5R No Longer Connects to PC via wi-fi

blue_skies wrote:

Most likely your (internal) IP address changed. The host software on the PC still looks for the old ID.

You should assign the camera's Mac address to a pernanent address, in the router, and reinstall the software on the PC to find that address.

There should be an option in the software to update the Nex address.

Another way is to start the WiFi from the Nex and then connect the PC to this Nex WiFi network by name. You can thenafter run PlayMemories.

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I always set up a static DHCP in the router for all connected devices to avoid the IP shift. Also from what I have learned, Nex always has to be set up to connect to the network first, then it can connect to a PC on that network. There doesn't seem much room to change the order of things.

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