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Suntan wrote:

Rachel21103 wrote:

This shot was taken in front of a window.

This one she had her pupils dialated at the doctor's, that's why her eyes look a little odd.

I love the shadows in this one, especially in the center of her eye, but I hate that I cut off her hands.

Thanks for looking. I would appreciate any advice. ~Rachel

Hello everyone. I posted this in the samples & galleries forum but I haven't got much feedback there. I would just like some C&C on a few photos of my daughter. I would be extremely grateful for any advise you could give. Thank you so much!

1) 50mm isn't really long enough here, imo. It gives an imbalanced asymmetry to the face. Step back. Either use a longer lens, or stay with the 50 and crop the surroundings out.

Turn the head a little more towards the camera. Not all the way, but a little more. It would be nice to see more of the sclera to the right of each iris.

Finally, and most importantly, increase your depth of field. At least get both eyes in focus, if not the whole head. Extreme shallow dof is a crutch at best in most pictures but in this one in particular it is actually a detriment. Some people think that all portraits should have extreme amounts of blur, I'm not one of them. YMMV.

Thank you, Suntan. This one will be easy to experiment with since it was taken inside my house. What does YMMV mean?

2) Crop much closer. The background is not interesting and there does not need to be as much of it to tell the same story. You can still tell she is sitting out in the woods even with 1/3 as much background.

Shade her face. The image would be much better if the sun wasn't shining directly on her face and blowing half of it out.

Do you think there is anything I could do to fix this in PP? I know I can crop it, but what about the overblown light on her?

3) Extremely harsh overhead sun is giving her a zombie look. Either get her into some open shade, or don't even bother taking pictures at this time of the day

When I took this photo, it was in a creek surrounded by trees, therefore mostly all shaded area. This was the only area with sunlight and I couldn't seem to gget a decent shot in the shade. If I move her into the shade, what do I do to get a good shot? Could I use a reflector?

Once again, thank you so much for your advice, Suntan.



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