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Let's see ifthis helps.

a/ the printing company wants to use 300 ppi

b/ your photo originally is 2000 x 3000 pixels

c/ your image on the page is 3 inches by three inches

d/ therefore you need 300 pixels per inch times 3 inches across the image. That's 900 pixels across

e/ And because it is square, you need 900 pixels up and down.

f/ Go to your cropping tool and set it for a square, and crop your image into a square, chopping off some of the image on one end, or the other, or both.

Artistic judgement now needed.

g/ Let's say you want to use three quarters of the up and down part of the image, and want to cut off one quarter of the image.

h/ adjust the cropping of the square in f/ so you now have 3/4 of the original height. Because the original was 2000 pixels high, you now have 3/4 of thoe pixels in the up and down direction. That's 1500 pixels.

i/ Because the image is square, you also have 1500 pixels from side to side.

j/ But rememb er, the printer was 300ppi, for3 inches, equalling 900 pixels.

k/ Use the software resizing tools to resize the new cropped area, changing it from 1500 x 1500 pixels  to 900 x 900 pixels, and adjust the resoolution box to say 300 ppi.


l/ The dimension box on your software will now say the image is 3 x 3 inches, has 900 pixels in width and 900 pixels in height, and will print at 300 ppi.


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