P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

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Re: P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

Let me teach you something:

Take a walk in a garden on a rainy, overcast spring day.

Look around. You wll see all the colors pop. Take my word, they will.

The CP on a rainy day has a similar ability to make inert objects pop to their actual colors.

One reason for this is the reflections are eliminated.

I shot the above pics yesterday. I suggest it is time for you to go out and take some pictures.

Wow....I thought I was using polarizers correctly for years!

Care to explain why things will only POP with inert objects?

Care to explains what reflections I'm cutting beyond the haze of a rainy day in a GARDEN?

If you SHOOT A SHINY (such as a car hood) object with a polarizer you will, in many cases, destroy the properties of that surface visually, or at least effect them in some way that is not what will be seen by the naked eye.

Can you fathom that filters give AND also take something away? What is LOST in your pic is the REALITY of those reflections. That is what you TRADE for the POP.

In your photo the POP could have better been recovered in post and the ACTUAL reflections left intact.

My statement is 100% correct. I'm simply pointing out what is LOST with a CP does not always make it worthwhile to use one. The photo of the sailboat was a case where a good CP was employed correctly and he was quite happy with his launch-day photos and I was even happier with the money earned!

Can you provide a better photo with the polarizer and the P7700 where there's more of a "photographic payoff?"



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