60/2.4 MACRO lens issues ...

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Re: 60/2.4 MACRO lens issues ...

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In my experience, the difference between the 60mm 2.4 and the zoom, is about the same as the differences I've experience between macro and non macro lenses on DSLR systems. Macro lenses, due to their nature, tend to be slow focusers, unfortunately. And that's before we get to the fact that the XF system isn't exactly the fastest on the market.

If it doesn't suit your needs, I recommend you return it, and maybe even consider switching to a system that fits your needs for fast focusing.

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My exact experience. My Nikon 105/2.8 VR Micro is no speed demon when it comes to AF, and it does hunt in certain conditions, as does the Fuji 60. Because the XF system does focus slower than a top end DSLR it exacerbates the situation, but I do find that it's adequate in good light.

I like the way the 60 renders and will also get the 56/1.4 when it's available as this will be a more suitable portrait lens than the 60 Macro, IMO.

I see where you are coming from here .. have used the Nikon equiv the 60/2.8 for the last 3 years, find it to be very responsive! Different beast ...

What bugs me is this hunting back and forth and then still stop in a completely OOF position ... Maybe I just need to live with it's limitations??

Will possibly get the 56/1.4 ... but maybe this time wait for a tad ...



Sounds like it doesn't have a proper contrast point in your focus area. Try retesting in similar situations with a smaller or larger AF box to see if that changes your results. I tend to use a larger box on the 60mm, personally.

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