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Re: Crop DSRLs on the verge of becoming obsolete

Airless wrote:

M43 is so close to dealing the final death blow to the Canikon Colossus, it is just one perfectly, godly, unstoppable camera away from obsoleting all crop DSLRs in one fell swoop. All that is needed is a slightly redesigned OM-D E-M6 with real PDAF and wifi, and that will be the end of DX and APS-C forever. The new Epson EVF will surely blow away the inferior OVFs, M4/3 already has more and better lenses than DX, is more portable and has faster-advancing technology, looks cooler, pretty much everything a person could ever want in a camera if you're not a full frame professional user. This next camera that Olympus is set to unleash in the spring will be the epic camera to end all cameras, certainly all crop sensor

For APS-C DSLRs, yes you are close to the truth - they may not become obsolete, but certainly sales are being impacted. I can see Panasonic and Olympus stepping up in the MFT lens area with quite decent entries recently, so that is a good sign. Companies like Sigma have also realized MFT's market penetration and today's announcement of a new 35MM lens is a good sign.

However, there is a dearth of good MFT lenses at a reasonable price compared to the excellent offerings by Canon/Nikon for their APS-C DSLR and this alone may be a reason to stick to them.

Prices of FF DSLRs have fallen to a point where a serious amateur with a bit of cash looking at DSLRs should probably skip APS-C DSLR and move straight onto FF. This is another hit to the crop DSLR. Exception being if someone is looking for a crop to specifically get more tele range.

For APS-C sensor, however it will most likely stay - my Nex-C3 (now sold) was way ahead in IQ and low light compared to the latest 4/3rds. 5N even better. Sensor size matters. Let us not even talk about FF here.

As impressive as OM-D and the latest 4/3 lenses are, there is still a long road ahead. Buying OM-D and decent lens set at current market prices takes you in the FF price territory, so that is a challenge for MFT. Some people may care enough about the size to pay for MFT.

In the end, all systems will survive, only some will sell much more than others. Mirrorless is here to stay for the long haul. Some folks will still stick to APS-C DSLR bodies for things like ergonomics, robust body, OVF or simply having an investment in lenses.

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