D3200 - 24MP and kit lenses - what is the effect?

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Re: Better glass is always better glass...

rbmphoto wrote:

The D60 sensor was a great one, the last of the ccd's I believe - an improvement (slight) over D200 sensor on which it was based.

If you are still using a kit lens, IMO get a better lens before you improve the sensor. Nikon 16-85 or Tamron 17-50 will give you an immediate improvement, and one you can take with you as you update the sensor with new cameras.

I went to a D5100 from a D40x (same sensor as D60) for travel, and I could see an across the board improment in all aspects - but nothing as pleasing as dumping the kit 18-55 kit lens that then shipped with the 40x.

I suspect the D3200 will be an improvement over the D5100 - but not through the kit lens. If you are the kind of viewer that can notice the difference between a freshly cleaned window over one that was cleaned a week ago, or gallery/museum glass over regular glass when looking at a framed photo - get the lens before you upgrade the sensor.

Only my opinion thought. Good luck!

thanks - that is also a possible option.

I've never handled a 17-50. Another lens I had looked at in the past was the Sigma 17-70 but it is not a light lens. Thoughts on even the old Nikon 18-70?

One of the things that attracts me to the D3200/D5100 is small size/weight.

Over time I have found I actually like a lot about my D60 but improvements I would like in an upgrade would be: better high ISO / low light performance, better AF (esp for moving subjects). Both the D3200 and D5100 would tick these boxes.  921K LCD would be a nice bonus.

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