The 12-35 mm for landscape.

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Re: The 12-35 mm for landscape.

sigala1 wrote:

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sigala1 wrote:

This review would have been more helpful if you took the same photo with a cheaper lens, and then compared to see if you were gaining anything by spending so much money on a lens.

Were you able to comprehend the last paragraph of my post?

Maybe sigala means compared to the pan 14-45mm which is said to be pretty sharp especially for a kit. If you need the f2.8 then there is no alternative but if you shoot landscapes off a tripod or shoot in good light or just shoot landscapes where nothing is moving and the ois is enough, it might be interesting to know whether the 12-35 is worth the money in comparison. The Oly 12-50 is apparently one the softer kit lenses.

After all, you could probably buy a 7-14 and a 14-45 for the same money as a 12-35, which maybe a better alternative for some landscape shooters.

I mean I'd like to see real evidence the lens is better than cheaper alternatives, even the kit lens that came with your camera, whatever that may be (but all of the kit lenses perform pretty well at 14mm except for the 12-50).

There's a pretty big difference between 12mm and 14mm, even if the kit lenses are decent at 14mm.

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