The 12-35 mm for landscape.

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Re: The 12-35 mm for landscape.

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This review would have been more helpful if you took the same photo with a cheaper lens, and then compared to see if you were gaining anything by spending so much money on a lens.

Is there a cheaper 12-35 F2.8 lens in MFT mount? I would like to buy one.

There are four other MFT lenses that cover 12mm, plus several legacy 4/3 lenses, all less expensive.

Plus, if you zoomed in to 14mm, you could compare it against several 14-42 kit lenses.

You missed the point. Re-read my question again: Is there a cheaper 12-35 F2.8 lens in MFT mount?

The answer is no, there is no other lens in MFT mount that offers this focal length range at a constant F2.8. Not having to swap lenses, having the option of F2.8 throughout the range and fast focusing due to native MFT mount, all these make it worth a premium for some people.

Not having to carry around multiple primes or dealing with adapters also deserves a premium and some persons will gladly pay such a premium. Others will carry a bagful of lenses, keep swapping and miss the shots or use legacy M/3 lenses with an adapter.

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