Are these FZ200 shots more or less noisy than you would expect?

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Re: Are these FZ200 shots more or less noisy than you would expect?

janeenadamsmartin wrote:

That is with SilkyPix? Interesting to learn how my camera settings were interpreted:

Contrast +1 = Hard

Saturation +1 = High

Sharpness -2 = Soft

Noise Red -2 = "low gain up?"

(I wonder how "digital zoom ratio" is populated?)

I didn't post all the EXIF data, just a portion related to our discussion. There's much more, not to mention other metadata. Anyway, those same settings are reported elsewhere too, and somewhat differently. The images I posted were just screen grabs of some EXIF data as displayed by an image viewer called gThumb, which is a Gnome utility (Linux software). I generally don't use Windows these days, unless I have to, so I haven't even checked out SilkyPix yet.

I will have to look at my manual to understand the 35mm equivalent when I zoom so I know what zone I am in. I think I recall reading there are 3 zones, but in practice, I only remember seeing two zones in the viewfinder, lol!

You don't have to worry about the 35mm equiv FL when using your camera. Just remember that it only has 24x optical zoom. When you go beyond that, you're using some form of digital zoom. i.Zoom takes you up to 48x when enabled, and if digital zoom is enabled as well, it can take you all the way up to 96x zoom. But it's all digital trickery beyond 24x, no matter what it's called. So yeah, when you have i.Zoom enabled, you have two "zones" in the zoom UI, and with digital zoom enabled as well, you have 3.

Thank you for doing the comparison. It means that looking at focal length on any camera is not a good indicator of actual focal length...right?


You're welcome. You can trust the focal length to be the actual focal length I'd say (because really, the focal length is all about physical optical characteristics). The 35mm equivalent is just a reference value.

EDIT: Duplicated some of Sherm's info here, but we'll survive

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