G5 + Eye-Fi any experience?

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Re: G5 + Eye-Fi any experience?

Pelagic wrote:

thanx for the help

I just want to use the iPad as a bigger review screen. Normally I shoot raw, but jpeg would be good enough for review.

Send some or all? I'd do which ever is most simple.

Eye-fi is the only brand that I know. Are other brands better?

Do I need a special appon my iPad?

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Yes, there are a number of different wifi cards available out there - including Transcend, Toshiba and EZ Share.

My guess is that if you were to shoot 'jpeg + RAW' then the eye-fi is best for automatic download of all your shots for review (this is what I use.) You can set it so that when the eye-fi is set to 'on' your 'latest' 'jpegs' are automatically sent to your ipad for review.

At its simplest you can use the 'eye-fi' app (free) which will accomplish this for you. If you are a user of Lightroom you could well be interested in the 'Photosmith' app (paid). This enables you to sort, color, star and tag your jpegs a bit like Lightroom and then you can transfer the metadata you have created over to the RAWs on your PC in LR via wifi. So, for instance, you can mark jpegs for deletion on your ipad and later sync the info with the RAWs in LR which will be marked for deletion on your PC.

Another app 'Shuttersnitch' will allow you a quasi tethered solution whereby when you take a photo the jpeg will appear for immediate review on your ipad (this might sound great but I think it is debatable how useful it is.)

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