Are these FZ200 shots more or less noisy than you would expect?

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Re: Are these FZ200 shots more or less noisy than you would expect?


In addition to the above, if you shoot at, for example, 3MPX instead of the standard 12mpx (so the image is 1/2 as high and 1/2 as wide as the full sensor), your EXIF would show

Dimensions: 2048x1536 pixels  (instead of 4000x3000)

Focal length = 108mm

Focal length in 35mm Film = 1172mm

In this situation, the image is only 1/12 the width of the 35mm film, so you need to multiply the lens focal lengh by 12 to get the 35mm equivalent.  When you shoot with smaller image size (the so-called "Extended zoom") you don't get the artifact I commented about earlier in the thread - the zoom is just an consequence of using less of the sensor.

For the various digital zooms I believe that you can always tell when you can go beyond the "optical only" range because the zoom indicator (the 1-n with a black bar) adds one or two blue areas as well.  You get one color blue for iZoom and another for digital zoom. If both are activated you get two blue areas.

I don't recommend that you use any type of digital zoom if you're shooting JPG only. Better to post process on your desktop


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