P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

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Re: P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

This is a scene where the CP made a difference that I liked. There was considerable glare on the right side near the starboard midships. This was with the B&W filter. I have one with distortion correction, but I can't find it!




Here I post a topic about my CP and you are telling me I should leave the reflections in the images.

This sums things up rather nicely.

I think it does indeed. Here's what you wrote:

Upon turning my CP and looking at the effect on my LCD I thought of Forum Member Sol's issues regarding 'flat' images from his P7700.

And I simply and correctly pointed out that the lack of REAL reflections effected the shot to make it look LESS real. You then stated the CP shot looked MORE real, but I think you meant COLORS as the P7700 certainly did not add the reflections, which look quite natural.

Most of the time people use CPs for wide angle shots, water, clouds, mountains and so on. I try to avoid filters as they're outside of my style range. But since you brought it up it's ON TOPIC to discuss what it might do to a shot that some shooters might NOT welcome.

There's nothing to argue about or debate. It's just an observation on what the CP did that I found damaging to the final result. You're more than welcome to hold and state your own opinion. That's what forums are for.


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