Should Oly bring out a competitor to the NEX6?

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Re: Should Sony bring out a competitor to the E-M5?

Maklike Tier wrote:

The reason I didn't get a Nex was the lenses issue. Heaps more to choose from with the M43 selection. If I was just after a 'modern' looking CSC camera though, the Nex6 would be hard to beat, but in terms of investing in a 'system', it kinda lost out. Sony won't be sitting still though, you can count on that.

I agree about the NEX lens issue. The native NEX AF lenses have no interest for me whatsoever. For me, a NEX-6 would be a great system for adapting my assortment of manual lenses. I've been debating whether to upgrade to a GH3 or get a NEX-6, but then I couldn't use my favorite M4/3 lenses (SLR magic 12mm, 7-14mm, Voigtländer 25mm) on the NEX and do NOT want to carry 2 cameras.

So, I'll just wait to see if Oly or Panasonic will finally release a true rangefinder body. It's LONG overdue!

The next OM-D? It really just needs PDAF and incremental improvements overall, doesn't it?

For the Next OMD, Oly needs to focus on decent ergonomics and improving their menu system and UI. While I love the output, I found handling sadly sub-par. Adding a $300 external grip defeats the purpose of a small camera body.

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