Who here came from Nikon to 5D, 6D and are happy or not?

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Re: Who here came from Nikon to 5D, 6D and are happy or not?

Came to Canon (5D2) from Nikon and wholly regret the decision. Reasons are all handling issues. There are modes of operation that have been common on even the lowest end Nikons that are either not possible on Canon or are only just now beginning to be implemented at the top end of the Canon spectrum (and sometimes not implemented well). Some of these issues that I've encountered are:

  • No metering updates while adjusting ISO. Shutter and aperture values disappear when the ISO button is pressed, so you cannot actively see how ISO affects these values. Let's say in aperture priority mode you're currently metering 1/15sec at ISO 100 and want to bump ISO to get 1/100sec, you've got to either do some mental math to get the correct ISO setting or just guess and check.
  • Custom mode settings reset on idle timeout. The custom modes are a great way to always start your shooting session with a default set of settings, but these are effectively unusable if you also have your LCD screen set to turn off automatically after a period of idle time. The idle timeout is treated as though the camera turns off. For instance, you may have a custom preset with manual exposure mode and your screen set to turn off after 30 seconds. Now if you go to compose a shot, all of your settings (including shutter, aperture, ISO, etc) will revert to whatever your custom mode default values if you dare have a 30 sec period of inactivity. There needs to be a distinction between "sleep" and "off." Right now there is only "off."
  • No auto ISO in manual mode. This has been partially added to the 5D3, but even then there is no exposure compensation with this feature.
  • No AE lock and hold. This has been added to the 5D3, but on my 5D2 AE lock readings alway expire after ~8 sec of inactivity. On Nikon, AE lock and hold keeps AE locked photo to photo, which is absolutely necessary for panoramas and all other instances where photos will be presented side by side.
  • No 2nd curtain sync with generic flash units/triggers. Have to have eTTL compatible equipment to use this mode, which is silly and IMO SCS should be the default mode.
  • Metering white balance from photo requires diving into menus. On Nikon this was accessible from the white balance button- just hold down to be prompted to take a reference photo. It was really very convenient!

I honestly don't think Canon's user interface was designed by photographers.

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