P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

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Re: P7700 OOC images with a Circular Polarizer

Nikonworks wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

The point is that by eliminating those reflections you remove something real and natural that is seen by the naked eye.

Why do you think I put the CP on my camera?

I like the colors with the CP, but the shots without it look more real to me.

In your mind maybe, but I am an eye-witness telling you the CP colors are closer to the colors I see with my own eyes.

I'm not talking about colors ONLY. I'm simply saying that the shot without CP looks more real BECAUSE the reflections on surfaces is true-to-life as much as the colors. So you TRADED that away for the colors. I'm not being critical; simply making an observation.

While you state that the CP is restoring colors...

I said the CP eliminates reflections permitting the colors to be percieved by humans.

I never said the CP restores colors.

No. What you said was that the CP adds pop (or dimension) curing the "flat" quality specifically mentioned in another thread. The difference in contrast is not nearly noticeable as the jump in color or partial elimination of reflections. I've never used a CP on such a scene, nor would I. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

| more true to what you saw, the color of the van looks exaggerated to me.

You never saw the scene, I did, take my word. Something you possibly can not do.

Why the argumentative tone? I'm simply stating that the shot with reflections intact looks more real. I accept that the colors with the CP are more "true" in your view and I don't have the real thing or the van to compare!

I think I'd use a control point to tweak the van color and leave the actual reflections in place as that would more true to the scene, assuming you're trying to do that.

I am not doing that. I am trying to get rid of the reflections, just like my polarized sunglasses.

That is why I am using my CP.

Your words would lead any reasonable person to not believe your statement that you own any CP's.


LOL. Like I said, I use a CP when I think it can rescue conditions that might be less dramatic otherwise. In this case the B&W is pushing the cloud effect beyond reality. But my friend was happy with the shot of his maiden voyage nonetheless.

This is a scene where the CP made a difference that I liked. There was considerable glare on the right side near the starboard midships. This was with the B&W filter. I have one with distortion correction, but I can't find it!



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