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Re: X10 vs S95... pretty identical on high dof effect... expected

dpfan32 wrote:

ryder78 wrote:

dpfan32 wrote:

Middle of 2012 I ordered the Nokia 808 PureView which delivers awesome pictures.

Now I'm fan f super zoom and just bought the Panasonic FZ200.

I still own the S95 coz it's very pocketable.

May I ask if you have compared the Nokia Pureview 808 to the Canon S95 especially in low light high ISO?

Oh yes (a bit OT but you asked )





Thanks for the wonderful sets of pictures. Much Appreciated.

I am currently looking at some of the details in the pictures. Apart from difference in white balance, saturation and sharpness, it is difficult to make any conclusion out of these pictures. Nevertheless, in the low light shot, the FZ200 doesn't fare too well producing more noise. Both S95 and 808 produce better clarity and lower noise levels than the FZ200.

In good light, the 808 seems to produce softer image and washed-out(perhaps more natural) colours ie. less saturation. The Olympus E-PL1 seems to have high contrast and saturation. The image of the S95 is also quite bright and sharp.

I noticed the 808 is mostly used in 8MP Pureview mode as the file size is almost always smaller than all other cameras. Also, I guess the saturation, contrast and sharpness settings on the 808 are not bumped up on the scale which may have subsequently produced the softer and more natural look. The E-PL1 shows the best quality picture whilst the S95 comes in 2nd and the 808 3rd. If the saturation and contrast settings on the 808 are increased, I feel the IQ will inch closer to the S95 or the E-PL1.

Anyway, those are good comparison pictures. Surprisingly the iPhone5 doesn't do too bad.

By the way, I have downloaded some of the images shown in the links above. Can these same images be posted here on this forum?


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