Advise wanted for new Gear.

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Re: Advise wanted for new Gear.

aalmuhairi wrote:


am new to photography and as i progress it become hard to know my priorities . I love shoting cars, people and landscape . am not earning income from photography but its a hoppy i use to waste time in. But, i want to perfect it.

i have a about 2000$ saved for my gear to use. am really keen to do more semi pro portrait so far am thinking of 3 gears i wish to get, but am limited buget to use

1- 2 600 EXT canon speedlite and transmitter.

2- canon 24-70 f/2.8 II L.

3- Lighting setup with back side drops.

I have canon 5D3 , 24-105 /4 and 70-200 /2.8 L II. also one 580 speedlite flash. i do have 1 reflector and one tripod. i wanna do more portrait pictures of my family and friends. when we are out. am not a studio guy . nor have a room to spare one.

Please advise what you think i should get first.


the 600 flash series would allow RF off-camera lighting but you can do that now with the pop-up or $20 manual triggers.  The 24-70 II is sharper and better than the 24-105 although not necessarily for portraits.  If you're into portraits consider first getting a prime (100mm, 135mm, etc.) and lighting equipment - cheaper than $2,000 !

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