Teetering on the brink...

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Re: Teetering on the brink... 7 days later

s_grins wrote:

Teetering... teetering... teetered?

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I’m surprised how much Wikipedia contributes to the forum.


Just before Christmas I got rid of all my Canon kit on eBay and embarked on a Christmas spending spree. I added two bodies (E-PL5 and G5), another flash, flash wireless triggers, several lenses (including the two f2.8 zooms), an various bits and bobs.

Really like the E-PL5 (with EVF) and thought about getting rid of the GX1 (do I REALLY need four bodies?) but for what I'd get for it (and what I paid for it - with EVF) I might as well keep it.

The G5 is superb and if it wasn't for the fact that I've added an OwnUser battery grip to my GH2 I'd sell that and get another G5. Incidentally, the grip actually works with the G5 (same battery), although it doesn't line up properly and protrudes at the front.

All in all, I'm very pleased I've gone and done it. I have no issues at all with image quality and the only gripes are the way too easy to touch buttons on all four bodies (sick to death of Change WB appearing!) and the lack of a working AF illuminator on the external flashguns. Thought the latter might be a problem but focussing in poor light with the 12-35 is pretty easy and sharp pictures assured.

So there you have it: Teetered - with a vengeance!


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