Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

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Re: You are lucky your close range vision is still good ..

zenit_b wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

... surely you simply look over the top of the camera. (shrugs)

Radical suggestion Barrie - how do you frame the image ? Do you hold your fingers out in a sort of right angle shape like Monet painting "en plein air"

The camera is out in front of you doing the framing. All you are doing is flicking your glance over the top to see details that may be crucial. Meanwhile the camera is STILL DOING the framing.. and, because it is still in view as you look over the top, you can see that it has not moved.

Jeeze! I am amazed that I even have to mention this! The whole idea of people NOT using over the top glances as a natural and unremarkable adjunct of arm's-length viewfinding strikes me as nothing short of extraordinary! Indeed, it is so unremarkable I wouldn't be surprised if people are doing it all the time, but just not noticing.

Take note:

1) Viewing over the top isn't for long lens use, not just because the details are so far away, but because viewfinderless cameras are generally unsuitable for long lens use.

2) Looking over the top while holding the camera is much quicker and less disruptive to picture taking than similar operations in other cameras, for instance (a) swapping from general view to using flip-up magnifier in classic waist-level reflex cameras like Hasselblad and Rollie, or (2) even taking an eyelevel camera down from the face to access menus.

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