Should Oly bring out a competitor to the NEX6?

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Re: Should Sony bring out a competitor to the E-M5?

zxaar wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Because the 5 axis IBIS is a killer feature for using legacy lenses.....just sayin'......

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Any problem on earth can be solved by a well aimed Pomegranate...

Is this the reason that some place like Japan OMD is not selling very well. Even the joke of the year pentax Q was sold more?

This is an easy shot, but it doesn't hold much wisdom in it : do you think that Swiss clocks manufacturers are selling more 45$ Swatches ? Or more 7000$ Rolex ?  Do you think that Italian car designers are selling more Ferrari coupes than Fiat Topolini ? Or that Japanese cameras manufacturers are selling more D800 than Canon Rebels ?

Comparing apples and oranges never made sense, an entry level afordable consumer level camera in the 300-400$ price range will always attract more casual shooters and buyers than an enthusiast camera costing three times as much.  Give it a thought : are there more casual photographers or enthusiast photographers in the world ? and are there more wealthier people or more lower income people ?

Is this killer feature killing the OMD?

Rather your killer comparison is killing meĀ 

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