How many would choose stellar 50mm f/2 IS over a mediocre 50mm f/1.4/1.2?

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akustykmagmanetpl Contributing Member • Posts: 764
and this proves what?

that 50/1.2 (or whatever that is) can produce pictures that even at cellphone screen size is not sharp...

vrooom... that's the sound of me heading off to a store to dump $1200+ to get this rather than spending $5 on an old M42 lens which does exactly the same. pardon... old Pentacons are probably a bit sharper...

I mean... honestly... this photo isn't sharp at all, and bokeh (which probably is fine with this lens) is tough to be judged (unsharp is not the same as bokeh). not to mention that the photo is pretty bad argument to justify the price of 50/1.2. seriously, I'd not spend this much money to make this kind of photos...

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