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If I may pour some keroseen on the fire:

(Bare in mind I am a software designer and former developer, and have had a lifelong interest in consumer electronics, so this is not a rant, but an honest appraisal.)

Sony make great hardware, probably the best at miniaturisation of any company in the world. Hence (as Steve Jobs said many times), Apple were influenced by Sony, very much evidenced in the design of the iPhone 5.

But if one can use the NEX, Playstation and one or two other Sony products as an example, they, like a lot of Asian companies cannot do software - even if it looks pretty. The well reviewed Samsung NX cameras have buggy firmware, letting down the superbly designed hardware. This is probably why they have used Android on the Galaxy Camera, so that developers can take the heat/step up to the game. You can bet that the next high end Samsung NX will also be based on Android.

I have an NEX 5R and beyond the annoying menu system (that we all know is annoying!), the WiFi apps and firmware is unreliable and suffer from Alpha version implementation - even the potentially brilliant remote viewfinder app for iOS is so limiting and slow, it is pointless. I used it with my iPad mini to shoot pictures of my niece whilst she was alone, so she didn't look at the camera/me, and kept missing critical shots.

And when it comes to Playmemories, are Sony really that commited, or will they do as many hardware vendors do, (Kodak included, even prior to their bankruptcy) and eventually abandon such ventures and capitulate to Google+/Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket or some other succesful cloud based content management service, with the consequence that one day, you receive an email to say you have X weeks to download your photos prior to service shut down, assuming they don't migrate content to a 3rd party service.

I highlight all this because a year ago, I bought my mother one of Sony's best ever digital picture frames, (700W or similar). It has an intuitive if slow touch screen and syncs with PLaymemories, so my brother and I can upload the latest family pics to it at any time. It even displays the time and weather so makes a superb hub for her. However, I just learned from a Sony showroom that it and the other connected displays have been withdrawn, and I wonder how long the Playmemories account will remain active?

I'm banking on buying her a mid priced 10" Android tablet with an easy to use drop in charging dock and using Google+ or other well established photo sharing service and a custom app such as the awesome Web Albums to produce a slideshow for her instead of the Sony photo frame, being it looks like Sony have abandoned it.

So re the NEX, best consider all the above prior to becoming to reliant on Playmemories, unless Sony really do invest in some world class software design, and that is the key to it all, good design - backed by management commitment!

Me? I'm storing all my NEX pics on Dropbox for now, using the NEX WiFi to automatically upload to the Dropbox automatic photo upload feature. Works a treat, except for the buggy NEX WiFi that causes my 5R to crash every time an upload finishes. But at least I don't lose any photos, so I'm going to persist and hope Sony release a firmware upgrade.

Hope that was helpful!

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