Tried out the Zeiss 15/f2.8 ZF2

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jermark wrote:

jermark wrote:

Here's a few shots done using the Zeiss 15/2.8. All shot in Taiwan on a holiday. I am happy with the lens. Filters are priced on the steep side though.

Maybe I am doing something wrong but your link is not showing me any pictures from Taiwan.



David. Sorry I'm not sure why the link does not bring you there. I clicked on the link and it brings me there ? Please try again if you wish

How odd

i got through strait away this time.

really like your 3 images, especially the first one with the massive tessellated ground pattern - played with my head for sure. You used the lens to great effect.

By the way, did you get the polariser as well? I would have preferred a straight ND filter - ore useful for landscape use in my opinion. But the odd filter size means you cannot buy the damn thing from any other third party maker like Lee or Schneider etc.

your thoughts appreciated, on the filters I mean. Thanks


I went straight for the original Zeiss UV and CPL filters, which damaged my wallet quite a bit. I was advised that sticking to screw in filters from original lens manufacturer is a smarter choice - not sure how true they are damn expensive! for this size filters Zeiss does not provide hard casings, just the soft synthetic ones which worried my investment. Zeiss filters of this size are hard to find too so i did not take any chance but grabbed the only piece in store. You can't place any Lee filters with the fixed hood.

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