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Re: raw to iPhone & Android

Rambalac wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

Rambalac wrote:

MPA1 wrote:

You can use WiFi to transfer RAW

How long does it take to transfer a RAW image?

10-15 seconds

Is that to computer or Android/iPhone?

For that matter does the Panny Android/iPhone App even allow raw file transfer (I was under the impression that it doesn't)?

Thanks in advance.

I did not notice any mobile mentioned, I was talking about PC.

Sorry to be a pain, but can you please run me through the sequence/workflow with the Panny WiFi transfer to a computer.

Are files just been sent to a folder of your choice?

Or is there a Panny app that handles the transferred images i.e. an app that has to be running and then it shows a preview of the images as they are transferred to the computer?

Can images be sent automatically to a particular network when you are in range of the network, or must the images be transferred on demand?

etc etc

Thanks in advance.

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