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BobT wrote:

For some reason, I'm kind of liking this option. Does Canon make technically different adapter lenses for their different G-series camera bodies?

But what kind of IQ should one expect from these combos? How would you rate/describe the results that you get with your G9 + both Wide and Tele adapter lenses? I must admit that I truly like the G9 because of it's natural 6X zoom. But would this be a compromise where IQ is concerned? Are all later G-series cameras noticably better in the IQ department, than is the G9?


here is a thread regarding the tele converter that I am using as well as some pics with the G9 + tele converter (not from me though):


There is also a comprehensive Blog from Gordon Buck Jr. regarding the G series and converters which I had found very helpful (Gordon, if your are listening in, please be so kind as to join the discussion):


On the topic of the G9, I would not recommend buying it do to its poor low light ability. I have used it for many years, but at the end I was so frustrated with the low light results (anything above 200 ISO is not really usable in low light).  It was a good cam when it came out, but time has moved on. The G1X is so much more better in any way (including the build in flash etc.) and what I have read regarding the G15 or P7700 (not be be too geared towards Canon), I believe they have made great progress over the G9.  I am not a guy that buys a new camera every year, but try to get a decent one and then build up some useful accessories around it (e.g. tele converter , underwater casing, macro lens...) to get more out of the camera. Furthermore, you mentioned that you would like to start at 24mm, the G9 starts at 35mm, which is quite restricting even if you get a wide angle converter.

But, hey, everybody has a different philosophy and at the end the great pictures are taken with the eye and not the camera...

Hope that is helpful,


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