Get off the RX1's back

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Re: Get off the RX1's back

ianbrown wrote:

I can't believe the amount of negative feedback on the RX1 on this forum!!!!

I guess its because we have discussions about a FF camera on a compact APS forum?

Slow AF - limited auto ISO - Fixed lens - Too expensive ye ye ye

I think its just envy, mainly from RX100 owners who think their camera will perform almost as we'll for 25% of the price. Well let me tell you if you think that you know very little about photography.

Sony has made a superb camera that is both unique and a work of art that produces stunning images .

Its far from perfect but if you can afford one you won't be disappointed unless you are trying to compare it with a FF DSLR and want to use for sports photography etc.

So please give the RX1 a break and congratulate Sony on achieving something that no other manufacturer has dared or indeed could do.


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