What camera to buy Nikon D7000?

Started Jan 28, 2013 | Questions thread
IainD Senior Member • Posts: 1,559
Re: What camera to buy Nikon D7000?

If you read the threads in DP review and elsewhere, there have been some complaints about the D7000 missing focus and metering, especially in bright light. I have one, and for normal conditions, it is brilliant. I have ruined quite a few shots with it by trying to shoot backlit subjects. I had been using a D3x and a D3s, and they were more forgiving for dynamic range, but the main thing is that the pro bodies were more intuitive to use for me.......anyway, sorry to ramble.

The bottom line is that the D7000 is quick, quiet light and relatively inexpensive, and is mostly excellent, but there are rumours of a replacement coming this year. Can you wait a bit?

If not, and you need something, the D7000 will perform well but you will need to use it well. RAW rather than jpeg for instance. Avoid excessive variations in light..

Otherwise, it will probably need to be a D800!


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