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Re: Advice on panorama software

3dreal wrote:

For my few panoramas i had to stitch after scanning(i have rotapancams) i used panorama-factory. It has a rectinliniar feature which i have seen in altostorm rectiliniar first. now named panorama corrector. is the right forum for panoramas.

hree is a panorama-non-stitched since its a scan from a b+w-contact. 6x41cm all around. I am loving the first day when i can use a more compact solution(DPxM) for travelling. Cam alone is 6kgs.

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Remember, I am not the thread starter, I didn't ask for advice, or suggestions...

...things which have something like ..."-factory" in it's name remember me to misguided movements like "national- and / or socialist- (Fabrik-) Arbeiter- Parteien" and derivates, which caused more damage on limb and life than everything else - something You seem to know according Your hint to auschwitzpanorama...

...better use PanoramaStudio Pro. - it helps (pictures) to get alive!


However, I think that one should rather try to look at the bright sides of life,

the past is the universe, where Zombis are born... them the real life, how to breath in the air, how to stretch into the common future.


I wouldn't have my abilities, if I wouldn't have learned, to show them,

because You wouldn't see them - neither in the past, nor into the future, but now!

I hope that my english is good enough to fill the gap in the present time.

The Wall - a residue of history in present time... ...hopefully just a residue!

Now I have a well working ultra wide angle zoom and a higher resolving sensor...

...on my non Sigma camera, that I love because it's reliable!, my need for stitching panoramas isn't that big - anymore - I enjoy to have the whole thing at once!

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