Night shots with the Fujifilm X-E1

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Re: Night shots with the Fujifilm X-E1

BillyInya wrote:

DrBulb wrote:

What happened to my message in this forum? It seems to have vanished.

Moderators monitor things and if a post goes beyond the guidelines then the post gets deleted, usually the whole stream associated with the offending message.

You became tangled up there. I won't say anything more about it as I'll get in trouble myself.

But just be careful not to respond to offensive behavior otherwise you end up getting entangled in it yourself. There is a "complain" link bottom right you can click if it happens again to you. Moderators will then deal with it in a manner they deem appropriate.

Don't let this situation or the behavior of any person put you off from contributing.


Ah I see. Understandable as it became most unpleasant.

Thank you

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