The problem is "lack of civility"

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Re: The problem is "lack of civility"

dad_of_four wrote:

Of course he has a point, but how does the government make people be civil?

It would be like DPReview trying to enforce civility here in this forum...

Functioning universal healthcare and preventing the concentration of wealth in the hands of too few.

If you were to create a situation in ANY country where people had to kill others to survive people would kill others to survive. The natural order of things is for people to be as brutal and ruthless as they feel they NEED to be. Some people will always be as brutal and ruthless as they WANT to be regardless of circumstance but they are always a minority.

The only way you make a society in which most people feel civil is to create a society framework where the majority of people in it feel safe (physically and economically) and unpressurized. Too many people in the US do not feel safe and too many of them feel pressurized.

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